97 Aces Go Places (1997)


Eternal 25 year-old Alan Tam is a wimpy triad boss who must avenge his dad because he had a heart attack after losing at cards to a pretty cat burglar. For help, he enlists Drunk Shooter, HK’s ace gunman, who’s also an incredible souse. Problem: Christy ripped off wacky triad boss Francis Ng, so he wants her, too. Even worse, Alan just doesn't want to kill Christy because she’s too damn beautiful. Hijinks ensue.


Ho Sik/ Ho Sik's Father
Chui Cheong / Drunk Gun
Yeung's art appraiser
Mr. Chan
Police special force
Lei Lai-Shan
Lui Yue-Yeung
Yeung's killer
Yeung's sidekick
Chung Yue