Doc Hollywood (1991)


After leaving Washington D.C. hospital, plastic surgeon Ben Stone heads for California, where a lucrative practice in Beverly Hills awaits. After a car accident, he's sentenced to perform as the community's general practitioner.


Benjamin Stone
Vialula (Lou)
Judge Evans
Deputy Cotton
Aubrey Draper
Simon Tidwell, First Patient
Nurse Packer
Lane, Melvin's Helper
Violet, Welcoming Committee
Kyle Owens
Mary Owens
John Crawford
Aurelius Hogue
Mortimer the Barber
Dr. Tommy Shulman
Emma, Lou's Daughter
Zeb's Father
Zeb's Mother
Receptionist at Halberstrom Clinic
L.A. Maitre D'
Hank Gordon
Shooting Gallery Operator
Boy with spider
Girl with spider
Mayor Nick Nicholson
Lillian, Welcoming Committee
Doctor Halberstrom
Nancy Lee Nicholson
Melvin the Mechanic
Maddie, Welcoming Committee


Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Associate Producer
Original Music Composer
Production Design
Art Direction
Set Decoration
Costume Design
Makeup Artist
Unit Production Manager