First Family (1980)


When the First Daughter is kidnapped by an African tribe, the President must do what he can to keep them from sacrificing her.


Gloria Link
President Manfred Link
Ambassador Longo
Senator William 'Wild Bill' Hubley
The Commander
Longo's Left Hand Man
Arab Delegate
Chief Justice McDonald
Gormese M. C. / Comic
Longo's Right Hand Man
C.I.A. Director Willie O'Malley
American Translator
Mrs. Link
TV Commentator Howard
Father Sandstone / TV Anchorman
College Boy
Gloria's Secret Service Agent #1
Gloria's Secret Service Agent #2
Gloria's Secret Service Agent #3
White House Photographer
Rhode Island Senator
Longo's Servant
Longo's Sacrificial Servant
Press Secretary Bunthorne
U. N. Official #1
U. N. Official #2
Arab Translator
Japanese Translator
Romanian Delegate
Malta Delegate
Malta Translator
French Delegate
French Translator
Chinese Ambassador
Vice President Shockley
White House Tour Guide
Feebleman's Secretary
White House Gardener
Link's Secret Service Agent #1
Link's Secret Service Agent #2
Tomato Assassin
Hysterical Woman
White House Reporter
Scientist #1
Scientist #2
Ambassador Spender
Secret Service Bathroom Guard #1
Secret Service Bathroom Guard #2
Attorney General Spot
Secretary of Defense Springfield
Secretary of State Reigle
Air Force One Stewardess
Mrs. Kalundra
C.I.A. Agent #1
Dr. Alexander Grade
C.I.A Agent #2
Justice Beatrice Barstow
Justice Haden
Mrs. Shockley
Reporter (uncredited)
General G. E. Dumpston
Presidential Assistant Feebleman
President Mazai Kulundra


Art Direction
Set Decoration
Costume Design
Makeup Artist
Boom Operator
Special Effects
Camera Operator
Script Supervisor
Director of Photography
Title Designer