The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009)


Don Ready is many things, but he is best-known as an extraordinary salesman. When a car dealership in Temecula teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, he and his ragtag team dive in to save the day. But what Ready doesn't count on is falling in love and finding his soul.


Don Ready
Jibby Newsome
Stu Harding
Dick Lewiston
Tammy Selleck
DJ Request
Stewardess Stacey
Selleck Customer - Husband
Ben Selleck
Selleck Customer - Wife
Passenger Mariachi
Captain Ortiz
Selleck Auto Trader Customer
Selleck Customer - Gary
Selleck Customer - Mother
Karaoke Pretty Girl
Karaoke Bartender
McDermott Angel
Brent Gage
Cessna Jim
Selleck Customer of Zooha
Selleck Last Customer
Selleck Customer - Teddy
Brent's Stripper
McDermott (uncredited)
Young Don Ready (uncredited)
Babs Merrick
Customer / Rioter (uncredited)
Excited Customer (uncredited)
Paxton Harding
Ivy Selleck
Wade Zooha
Teddy Dang
Peter Selleck