Homicide: The Movie (2000)

TV Movie

Retired police lieutenant Al Giardello is running for mayor when he is suddenly shot at a press conference. All of the detectives, past and present, clamor for an opportunity to help find the shooter.


Beau Felton
Stanley Bolander
Meldrick Lewis
Al Giardello
Kay Howard
Terri Stivers
Rene Sheppard
J.H. Brodie
Steve Crosetti
Tim Bayliss
Paul Falsone
Laura Ballard
John Munch
Victor Ehrlich
George Griscom
Robert Hall
Eric Thomas James
Billie Lou Munch
Bernard Weeks
Roger Gaffney
Police Officer
Frank Pembleton
Officer Brown
Homeless Guy
Nathan Steigler
Dr. Lausanne
Mike Kellerman
Crime Lab Photographer
Dawn Daniels
Police Officer
Mayor of Baltimore (as Kurt Schmoke)
Karl Miller
Robert Gessner
Officer Salermo
Nonna Giardello
Dr. Scheiner
Mike Giardello
News Manager
Eli Devilbliss
Colonel George Barnfather
Julianna Cox
Stuart Gharty
Megan Russert
Ed Danvers


Executive Producer
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
Original Music Composer
Production Design
Set Decoration
Costume Design
Makeup Artist
Director of Photography
Co-Executive Producer
Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Coordinator