Your Place or Mine! (1998)


Your Place or Mine! explores the difficulties of finding true love in the modern Hong Kong setting via the encounters of two advertising executives, Wai and Patrick. Wai is a faithful guy who often falls for the girl that he grooms. However he is often dumped by them once they found fame and someone better than him. Just when he was about to give up on finding true love, he met an innocent fish ball seller and a tough boss who both falls for him and left him even more undecided in love. Patrick on the other hand is a playboy who keeps a girlfriend at home while frequently has one night stands outside. Can a colleague who has crush on him since school days change his cheating ways?


Tony Cheung Suk Wai
Vivian Tsui / Ah Yu
Mei Mei
Vivian Ng
Simon Cheung
Fanny / Fonny
Lawyer Ho
Mut, ICN manager
HK Market Reseach Centre's surveyor