Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You! (2010)


Phineas & Ferb take fin to new Heights in Best Lazy Day Ever. Candace freaks out when her brothers decide to spend a blissful un-bustable day doing absolutely nothing! And Perry gets a surprising “un-makeover” when Doofenshmirtz invents an “Uglyinator”. Whether they’re chasing the sun on a mad dash around the world or soaking up the sun doing nothing at all, Phineas and Ferb are always charting a course for adventure!


Phineas Flynn (voice) / Additional Voices
Candace Flynn (voice)
Linda Flynn-Fletcher (voice)
Lawrence Fletcher (voice)
Jeremy Johnson (voice)
Stacy Hirano (voice)/ Stacy's Cousin (voice)
Uncle Sabu (voice)
Katie (voice)
Ginger (voice)
Milly (voice)
Adyson (voice)
Ferb Fletcher (voice)
Holly (voice)
Holly (voice)
Bāchan Hirano (voice)
Clay Aiken (voice)
Chaka Khan (voice)
Additional Voices
Additional Voices
Additional Voices
Additional Voices
Perry the Platypus (voice) / Additional Voices
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (voice)
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (voice)
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (voice)
Baljeet Tjinder (voice)
Buford (voice) / Additional Voices
Major Francis Monogram (voice) / Additional Voices