The Queen's Corgi (2019)


Since his arrival at Buckingham palace, Rex lives a life of luxury. Top dog, he has superseded his three fellow Corgis in Her Majesty’s heart. His arrogance can be quite irritating. When he causes a diplomatic incident during an official dinner with the President of the United States, he falls into disgrace. Betrayed by one of his peers, Rex becomes a stray dog in the streets of London. How can he redeem himself? In love, he will find the resources to surpass himself in the face of great danger…


Jack (voice)
Wanda (voice)
Chief (voice)
Butch (voice)
Cecil (voice)
Dodgey Dog (voice)
Guard 1 (voice)
Guard 2 (voice)
Ginger (voice)
Patmore / Lady Margret (voice)
Duke (voice)
Queen (voice)
Melania / Asian Mom (voice)
Nelson (voice)
Foreign Secretary (voice)
Castor / Bernard (voice)
The Duke of Edinburgh (voice)
Trump / Bernard St Bernard (voice)
Sanjay / Guards / Other Dogs (voice)
Mitzi / Vet (voice)
Charlie (voice)
Charlie / Pollux (voice)
Chief / Nelson (voice)
Jack (voice)
Wanda (voice)
Melania / Lady Margaret (voice)
Patmore / Mrs Kapoor (voice)
The Queen (voice)
Rex (voice)
Tyson (voice)
Polux / Al Sation (voice)
Chihuahua / Sanjay / Al Sation / Tyson (voice)
Boxer / Chihuahua / Young Rex (voice)
Rex (voice)
Little Girl (voice)
Trump (voice)
Mitzi (voice)


Production Executive
Executive Producer
Line Producer
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
Art Direction
Art Direction
Assistant Production Manager
Storyboard Artist
Foley Artist