My Heart Is That Eternal Rose (1989)


The triangular relationship between Lap. Rick and Cheung is the backbone of this film. Lap's father was once a triad; he retired and opened a bar near seashore. Rick worked there and was a couple with Lap. Force by an old partner, Lap's father assisted in trafficking of his father, Lap became the mistress of Godfather Shen. Cheung was her driver and loved her deeply. Six years later, Rick became a professional assassin and returned to Hong Kong for a job. He met Lap, and Lap decided to leave Godfather Shen. Of course Godfather Shen wouldn't let his woman get away from him. Cheung helped them to exile. Lap, Rick and Cheung united to confront Godfather Shen and his followers. A bloody gun battle begin. Could every one survive at the end?


Rick Ma
Law Man Shing's son
Dr Pang
Shen's man
Wong Hung
Shen's man
Shen's man
Shen's hitman
Shen's hitman
Shen's hitman
Shen's friend
Rick's friend
Shen's hitman
Shen's hitman
Shen's hitman
Uncle Cheung
Godfather Shen
Inspector Tang
Law Man-Shing


Director of Photography
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Original Music Composer
Production Design
Costume Design
Art Direction
Makeup Artist
Music Editor
Main Title Theme Composer