Injustice (2021)

Science Fiction

When Lois Lane is killed, an unhinged Superman decides to take control of the Earth. Determined to stop him, Batman creates a team of freedom-fighting heroes. But when superheroes go to war, can the world survive?


Clark Kent / Superman / Kal-El (voice)
Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)
Patrick 'Eel' O'Brian / Plastic Man (voice)
Harley Quinn (voice)
Barry Allen / The Flash / Shazam / Mirror Master (voice)
Dick Grayson / Nightwing / Arthur Curry / Aquaman (voice)
Joker / Jonathan Kent (voice)
Oliver Queen / Green Arrow / Victor Zsasz (voice)
Ra's al Ghul (vocie)
Nathaniel Adam / Captain Atom (voice)
Lois Lane / Rama Kushna (voice)
Diana Prince / Wonder Woman (voice)
Damian Wayne / Robin / Jimmy Olsen (voice)
Selina Kyle / Catwoman (voice)
Hal Jordan / Green Lantern (voice)
Victor Stone / Cyborg (voice)
Mirror Master Soldier (voice)
Michael Holt / Mr. Terrific / Waylon Jones / Killer Croc (voice)


Video Game
Executive Producer
Co-Executive Producer
Associate Producer