The Great Magician (2011)


In the years after the Revolution, China broken up into fiefdoms held by warlords, who are busy fighting each other. One warlord has imprisoned a girl and wants her to be his seventh wife, but he's too honorable to force her. The local revolutionaries wants to kill him and bring back the republic. But when a stranger returns from abroad with mastery of magic to recover the girl he loved, who is tricking whom and who will win at the end?


General Bully Lei
Butler Liu Kun Shan
Chen Kuo
Li Feng Jen
Li Chiao
Captain Tsai
Warlord, hooked hand
Warlord, one-eyed
Warlord, purple sash
Warlord, brocaded sleeves
Warlord, gun belts
Liu Yin
Liu Wan Yao
General Lei's aide
General Lei's No. 3 wife
General Lei's wife
Tarou Mitearai, Taga Group's president


Original Music Composer
Director of Photography
Art Direction