The Mad Ghoul (1943)

Science Fiction

Dr. Alfred Morris, a university chemistry professor, rediscovers an ancient Mayan formula for a gas which turns men into pliant, obedient, zombie-like ghouls. After medical student Ted Allison becomes a guinea pig for Morris, the professor imagines that Allison's fiancée, a beautiful concert singer Isabel Lewis, wants to break off the engagement because she prefers the professor as a more "mature" lover but in reality loves Eric, her accompanist. In order to bring Ted back from his trance-like states, Morris commands him to perform a cardiectomy on recently deceased or living bodies in order to use serum from their hearts as a temporary antidote. When the serial murders seem to coincide with Isabel's touring schedule, ace reporter "Scoop" McClure gets on the mad scientist's trail.


Dr. Alfred Morris
Ted Allison
Isabel's Singing Voice (voice) (uncredited)
1st Cemetery Caretaker
Radio Reporter (uncredited)
Reporter (uncredited)
Policeman (uncredited)
Attendant (uncredited)
Maid (uncredited)
Woman in Audience (uncredited)
Man in Audience (uncredited)
Man in Audience (uncredited)
Isabel Lewis
Man in Audience (uncredited)
Stagehand (uncredited)
Stagehand (uncredited)
Eric Iverson
'Scoop' McClure
Sgt. Macklin
Editor Gavigan
Della Elliott, reporter
Mortician Eagan
Detective Garrity


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Art Direction
Sound Director
Set Decoration
Set Decoration
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