Art School Confidential (2006)


Starting from childhood attempts at illustration, the protagonist pursues his true obsession to art school. But as he learns how the art world really works, he finds that he must adapt his vision to the reality that confronts him.


Professor Okamura
Martel Drinker
Filthy-Haired Girl
Professor Sandiford
Preppy Girl
Donald Baumgarten
Richard Natwick
Professor David Zipkin
Jonah's Wife - Marie
Mom Platz
Dad Platz
Cynthia Platz
Doddering Aunt
Art Dealer
Cranky Guard
Suburban Girl
Vince's Grandpa
Vince's Editor
Vince's Editor's Girlfriend
Nympho Slut
Woman Strangled
Young Jerome
Cute Girl
Cute Girl's Boyfriend
Female Student
Grenadine Woman
Punching Bully
Other Bully
Scary Local
Girl Who Steps on Glass
Broadway Bob D'Annunzio
Girl Student
Art History Teacher
Marvin Bushmiller


Original Music Composer